Brand Design Agency

We are a digital marketing agency focused on brand naming, brand identity and brand first marketing. Let us build the next great brand together.

  • Naming your brand and designing identity.
  • Build brand strategy and content strategy.
  • Great web design and SEO.
  • Achieve brand engagement & leads.

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Why Brand First

We believe that your logo, website, blog, SEO, Social Media and Ads exist to strengthen your brand. We like to call it Brand First Marketing.

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Naming Tips

Our founder has booked 100+ domain names for his own startup ideas. Tips from 10+ years of experience. Also, helped two friends come up with names for their firms which are operational for 10+ years.

  1. Check the brand name in search engines to see a similar brand already exists and in a similar business. Avoid names that are used by similar businesses.
  2. Be as unique as possible. Being unique is important.
  3. At the same time, brand names should be simple and memorable.
  4. Short, simple to pronounce and memorable brand name will help solve repeat customers. Repeat customers make a business sustainable.
  5. It is easy to change the logo, website, colors or design but much costly to rebrand later. So, the brand name must be chosen wisely.
  6. Prefer a .COM, .NET or a .IN domain name, in that order. Avoid complex names that can be forgotten!
  7. Pick a domain name that is 8 letters or shorter. Shorter names are easier to remember and will help with repeat customers.
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